CS/EE 5750/6750 Handout #8
Spring 99-00

HOMEWORK #6: More Huffman Circuits

This homework is due under my office door by 5pm on Friday, March 10th, 2000.

  1. Complete problems 6, 7(a-c) from Chapter 5.

  2. CS/EE 6750 and extra credit for CS/EE 5750
    Complete problem 7(d) from Chapter 5. (Hints: First list all the transition cubes and identify the type of transition for each output. From this you should be able to determine the required cubes. Use espresso to find all the primes. Recall that the ON-set are the required cubes, the DC-set are unused state codes and empty entries in the reduced flow table. espresso will infer the OFF-set. Then check for illegal intersections and reduce your primes, if necessary. Finally, setup and solve your covering problem using your BCP solver if you like.)

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