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The CUDD Package


The CUDD package is available via anonymous FTP  from vlsi.Colorado.EDU. A compressed tar file named cudd-2.2.0.tar.gz can be found in directory pub. Once you have this file,

gzip  -dc cudd-2.2.0.tar.gz | tar xvf -
will create directory cudd-2.2.0 and its subdirectories. These directories contain the decision diagram package, a few support libraries , and a toy application based on the decision diagram package. There is a README  file with instructions on configuration  and installation  in cudd-2.2.0. You can use a compiler for either ANSI C or C++.

Once you have made the libraries and program, you can type:

cd nanotrav 
nanotrav -p 1 -autodyn -reordering sifting -trav mult32a.blif
This will run a simple-minded FSM traversal program. (On a 200 MHz PentiumPro  (TM), it takes about 6 sec.) The output produced by the program can be checked against the contents of cudd-2.2.0/nanotrav/mult32a.out. More information on the nanotrav  program can be found in cudd-2.2.0/nanotrav/README .

If you want to be notified of new releases of the CUDD package, send a message to Fabio@Colorado.EDU.

Fabio Somenzi
Tue May 12 18:47:58 MDT 1998