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Basic ADD Manipulation


The most common way to manipulate ADDs is via Cudd_addApply . This function can apply a wide variety of operators to a pair of ADDs. Among the available operators are addition, multiplication, division, minimum, maximum, and boolean operators that work on ADDs whose leaves are restricted to 0 and 1 (0-1 ADDs).

The following fragment of code illustrates how to build the ADD for the function tex2html_wrap_inline2290.

        DdManager *manager;
        DdNode *f, *var, *tmp;
        int i;


        f = Cudd_addConst(manager,5);
        for (i = 3; i >= 0; i--) {
            var = Cudd_addIthVar(manager,i);
            tmp = Cudd_addApply(manager,Cudd_addTimes,var,f);
            f = tmp;
This example, contrasted to the example of BDD manipulation, illustrates the following points:

Fabio Somenzi
Tue May 12 18:47:58 MDT 1998