Notation: (mc) = "middle center" of page, (TR) = "Top Right", etc. Also [Kientz] means that Steve Kientz was the source of the error. Also !a!b! means replace a by b. (2X) means "2 times". Overbar or ' means complement. Underscore "_" denotes subscript, carat "^" superscript.

  1. p3 (MC) [Vasiljev]"mehtodologies"
  2. p5 (MR) [Vasiljev]"characterizes" should be "characterize"
  3. p17 (MC) too->tool
  4. p17 (BC) [Griebel] d=x_i+y/+i/_i/
  5. p18 (BR) [Reiner] ...critical path xi-b-d-h-f-j-ci.
  6. p19 (BR) [Reiner] Label "h" missing from lower NAND gate
  7. p20 (ML)[] "To get to the second line of the equation, we used the fact that ________________ _F _ F F _ _F (Ci-1e + ci-1e ) = (Ci-1e + ci-1e ) . . ." (corrected Also delete "Typically a single test", which ends the first complete paragraph without completing the sentence.
  8. P29 (MR) [Kientz] Dangling colon(
  9. p29 [Kientz] involves contains
  10. p30 (TR) In table, k=1, node 10 should have "0/0" not "0/3"
  11. p30 dureback_trace3x, RequiredTime_{v*}, be, slack_{a,v}
  12. p31 (Line 3) slack_a=, (Bot)\pi
  13. p32 [Rhee] Slack_{3}=1, not 5
  14. p37 V_D^D should be V_{DD} 2X
  15. P38 (BR)the the
  16. p38 (MC)[Kientz] z=0 output 0
  17. p50 (TR) Add comma after "Widely Used HDLs"
  18. p50 (BL) Change "these" to "these inputs"
  19. p51 (TR) Add "/8" to mux output in Figure 2.3
  20. p51 (BC) Change "commercial an academic" to "commercial and academic"
  21. p54 (MR) Change "following piece of code" to "code of Figure 2.8"
  22. p54 (ML) Change "0x41" to "0x41 = 65"
  23. p54 (BL) Change "0x61" to "0x61 = 97"
  24. p54 (BL) Change "0x4C" to "0x4c = 74"
  25. p54 (BL) Change "0x55" to "0x55 = 85"
  26. p55 (top line) Change "SWITCH" to "LUNC?"
  27. p55 (bottom) Change "return(res)" to return(Lcmd,Ucmd,Ncmd,Ccmd)"
  28. p45 [Greene]Table assumed slack =N_v+1 instead of lambda* at startup :
  29. p57 (first line) add "as it is in SIS" after "formalized and automated"
  30. p64 (MC) /One of the script/One of the scripts/
  31. p64 (MC) /the -D option/the -r option/
  32. p68 (MC) Omit extraneous text in the ".names in5 in1 k1 o1" statement
  33. p80 [Kientz & Greene]Fig 3.2 missing
  34. p81 (ML)[Chatchai] Missing "}"
  35. p82 (MC)[Reiner] Missing blue column in equivalence relation figure.
  36. p84 (MC) "forall" already introduced on p83
  37. p86 (TR) floating i
  38. p87 [Kalinowski et al] ". In a Hasse..." Missing period, (2X)
  39. p92 (BC) Delete word "relatively"
  40. p93 (ML) Every Boolean algebra with !four!eight! elements is isomorphic to, i.e., has the same Hasse\index{Hasse diagram} diagram as, !!one of! the Boolean algebra!!s! of Figure~\ref{fi:stone}.
  41. p93 (BL) them!:!.! ":" should be "them." Also add "In the sequel we shall omit the . and denote meet simply by catenation"
  42. p94 (MR) by Theorem 3.2.!1!2!
  43. p95 (ML) #5:last term abd should be dropped
  44. p95 (ML) #5: abde would be better than abc'd for the first term since abc'd is directly contained in the last term
  45. p96 Definition 3.3.1 -- drop item 1 into list
  46. p96 (B) missing ref to Table 3.2
  47. p97 (TL) functions functions
  48. p100(ML) |B (missing |)
  49. p112[Kalinowski et al] 15. ... and !east!least! upper...
  50. p113[Kalinowski et al] Caption of Figure 3.11 should refer to Problem 17 (not 18)
  51. p132(TR)[Vasiljev] "...there are much clever techniques" needs "more"
  52. p132(TR)[Vasiljev] "... compare to this to a faulty..." drop 1st "to"
  53. p132(TR)"V_D^D should be V_{DD} "
  54. p136(BC)[Vasiljev] "Specifically. a product term" "." should be ","
  55. p138(ML) "...contained is some" should be "...contained in some"
  56. p151(MR)[Vasiljev] The weight of the 5th, row 2nd heuristic should be 6.
  57. p154(BC)[Vasiljev] "...covers few row" should be "...rows"
  58. p155(BC)move comma outside matrix
  59. p156(TL)[Rhee]p_9=p_10=p_11=0 (not 1)
  60. p156(BL)[Rhee] "shall [see] that ..." The word "see" is missing.
  61. p156(BL)[Kientz] MIS={1,3,5,7}, not {1,2,5,7}
  62. p157(TR)[Rhee] M_{13,11}=0. also (TC) in "rows 1,4,13" 13 should be 12
  63. p226(MR)[Vasiljev] "(it correspond[s] to ..." Missing letter
  64. p226(TR)[Vasiljev] last cofactor should be f_{b'c'} (BR of Figure 6.7)
  65. p243(BR)[Vasiljev] "...techniques of !it!! are ..." Missing word
  66. p246(MR)[Vasiljev] "These consideration[s] ..." Missing letter
  67. p253(ML)[Vasiljev] "...enables [us] to..." Missing word
  68. p253(ML)[Vasiljev] "...from the the external... Extra word
  69. p258(MC)[Vasiljev] "...will [be] treated..." Missing word
  70. p259(MC)[Chatchai] "delta_2(1,0,1)=0 (not 1)"
  71. p261,262 (ML)[Vasiljev] The superscript zeroes on S should be subscript
  72. p268(ML)Add a line below Line 4: "if(lamda independent of x) break"
  73. p268(MR)Line 9: Replace "P^{k-1})" with "P^k_i)"
  74. p268(MR)Line 10: Replace "s)" with "P^k_i)"
  75. p270(MR)Delete "/not", add slash through adjoining equivalence symbol.
  76. p280(MC) "2^{|}V| should be 2^{|V|}
  77. p280(MC)[Vasiljev] Second italic preorder should be postorder
  78. p281(LC)[Vasiljev] Same as above,twice.
  79. p285(UR)[Vasiljev] Preorder again
  80. p293(MC)[Vasiljev] "... /an/a/ deterministic"
  81. p304(TC)/k_e/k_E/
  82. p304(TC)Line 4:/++/k--/
  83. p304(MC)/k=2=k_E/k=2 (=>k_E=3)/
  84. p304(ML)/second/third/
  85. p304(ML)/their/there/
  86. p304(LR)/the from of/the front of/
  87. p304(LL)/(k_E=2)/(k_E=3)/
  88. p304(BR)(Last line)/x_E=0/x_E=1/, and /(0,1,0)/(1,1,0)/
  89. p307(MC)/4+4+5=20/4+8+8=20/
  90. p307(MR)[Vasiljev] " /an/a/ path" (an->a)
  91. p307(MR)[Vasiljev] "...BDD to from the..." delete "to"
  92. p307(BR)[Vasiljev] " /an/a/ path" (an->a)
  93. p308(UR)[Vasiljev] "...with [so] called" -- missing word
  94. p309(BL)[Vasiljev] disambiguate equal sign and define sign with parentheses
  95. p313(LR)Delete null column in table
  96. p322(LL)/-order/order/g
  97. p323(LR)/-order/order/g
  98. p325(UR)[Vasiljev] ".../crucial steps// crucial steps"--delete repeated phrase
  99. p325(UR)[] ".../are relatively/is relatively/"
  100. p326(LC)/exactly to/to exactly/
  101. p332(LC)...contained /is/in/ some compatibles
  102. p333(MC)(Above Line 2:ENQUEUE(P,/p/q/)
  103. p333(MC)(Below Line 2:CLASS_SET(CM,/q/p/)
  104. p333(BC)(Below Line 7:/Done(s)=1/HASH_TABLE_INSERT(DONE,s)/
  105. p336(MR)/problem in two/problem into two/
  106. p337(MR)Add period after "F = matrix"
  107. p337(LL)Line break before "Example:"
  108. p338(UR)Line break before "Example:"
  109. p342(UL)Example 8.2.2 should be 8.2.1
  110. p356(LC)"ones /we present/presented/ in this .."
  111. p356(LR)[Vasiljev] "...are analyze[d] in detail" missing "d"
  112. p361(MC)".. answers //in Problem 4/ are correct"
  113. p369(UL)[Vasiljev] "...goal is [to] provide" missing word CJ: formula for fact-val
  114. p429(LC)/FACTOR(Q)/Q/ (delete FACTOR())
  115. p430(LC) Add R=cf+df (under Q=) Lee p444LR D->G
  116. p433(UC) R-paren after F moves to end of line
  117. p448(UL) Last line of Problem 20 should read (italics implied): "uses w as the chosen literal so that QUICK_DIVISOR(F)=u+v"
  118. p523[Tysso] Integer codes are in HEX: ESC=1b=1*16^1 + 11*16^0=27
    2nd printing
  119. p55[Pozhidaev] U=N=C=/1/0 4X
  120. p81(LL)[Augustine] "Note that a ... can be both symmetric and antisymmetric only there are no edges which are not self loops."
  121. p78(UL)[Pozhidaev] "...union of A /of A//"
  122. p83(UR)[Pozhidaev] "{0,1,2,..." (missing close brace)
  123. p105(MC)[Pozhidaev] "the /the//"

Gary Hachtel / University of Colorado at Boulder / hachtel@Colorado.EDU