CS/EE 3720
Embedded System Design

Course description

Introduction to issues in embedded system design using microcontrollers. Topics include: microcontroller architecture, memory interfacing, serial and parallel I/O interfacing, analog interfacing, interrupt synchronization, and embedded software.

Teaching staff

Instructor: Dr. Chris Myers

Teaching assistants: Sivaram Gopalakrishnan and David Palchak

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Class email list: ee3720
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CS/EE 3700 and CS/EE 3810. In particular, you are expected to have knowledge of the following subjects:



Embedded Microcomputer Systems: Real Time Interfacing

Meeting Times

Class Lecture 12:25pm - 1:45pm Tuesday and Thursday Dr. Myers EMCB 102
Office Hours 2pm - 3pm Tuesday and Thursday Dr. Myers MEB 4112
Office Hours 1pm-4pm Wednesday Sivaram MEB 2265
Office Hours noon-2:00 Monday David MEB 2265
Office Hours 4:00-6:00 Monday David MEB 2265
Lab Section 2 2pm - 5pm Tuesday David MEB 2265
Lab Section 3 11:50am - 2:50pm Friday Sivaram MEB 2265
Lab Section 4 3:05pm - 6:05pm Wednesday David MEB 2265
Lab Section 5 2pm - 5pm Thursday TBD MEB 2265
Lab Section 6 8:35am - 11:35am Friday Sivaram MEB 2265

Labs and Lab Reports

Labs begin the week of January 17th.

Lab reports should be turned into to your TA in your lab section the following week. Lab reports will be graded and returned in your lab section within one week. There is no provision for turning in late lab reports. All labs reports and exams are assumed to be correctly graded one week after they are returned. If you have a question regarding your grade, please contact the grader for that assignment to address the issue. If there are any questions on grading, they must be addressed within one week of receiving a graded assignment. After the one week has lapsed, no changes will be considered. Please put your lab section number on all lab reports.

All files are in a pdf format. These can be viewed and printed using Adobe's Acrobat Reader.



Sample Exams

These exams were used last year.

Other useful material