Problems with mailing list.

Posted by Chris Myers , Sep 03,1999,09:55 Post Reply  Forum

The mailing list is not working for some reason, so we will setup a

Some announcements:
1) New lab available from website.
2) Send me partner name or request for partner.
3) Veribest install instructions:

The only components that you need to install are as follows:

1) DeskTop Team/Individual
2) Veribest DesignKit/Optimizer Bundle
3) Veribest Licensing Software
4) Veribest Core Libraries
5) Veribest Uninstall Utility

On the next screen, you will only need to install
1) XilinxM1 Design Kit
2) Actel Design Kit

It will require about 200 Megabytes steady state and more during the install.

4) Send email to: for license request.