NT Lab Information

FAQ about the NT Computer Lab
Q: Where is the NT lab?
A: The lab is in EMCB 210 where the old PC lab was located on the
second floor.

Q: I can't get in the door, what do I do?
A: The door will be unlocked and open staring Wednesday January 20 in the
late afternoon. After that, the door should be unlocked from 8:00
am to 8:00 pm until the support staff can rebuild the card

Q: How do I get an NT user account?
A: If you had an NT account from a class last semester, your account
still exists and you should be able to use it directly. If you did
not have an NT account last semester, then you need to visit a
member of the support staff in the lab and inquire about status of
your account. Due to extenuating circumstances not all student
accounts were automatically generated, so two possible things could

1) The support staff member will provide you with a login name
and a random password which you can use to access you NT user

2) The support staff member will provide you with an application
form which you need to fill out to apply for an NT user
account. Once the form is completed, stop by the NT lab the
next day and visit a support staff member and you will be
given your login name and temporary password.

Q: What about the homework that is due?
A: You can work on the prelab while your NT account is being
setup. The homework is designed to be a tutorial and should not
take a large amount of time. We are aware of the NT lab situation
and if problems with accounts persist beyond Wednesday, we will adjust
the due date accordingly.