Clarification on Demo Boards

Posted by Kip Killpack , May 06,1999,12:42 Post Reply  Forum

1. There are no edge connector pins G or I, so If you plan to use the edge connector and back plane bus, you can't use those pins.

2. Each of you should wire up a test board (worth 25% of your project grade) which includes accumulator lights, clock, and reset. If you don't have a 3195, you will need to use your test board and our xilinx board with your Xilinx programming EPROM. The two boards will communicate through the back plane bus. In this case you can use your own choice of Xilinx pinouts, but you have to use the table in your project handout to know what bus pins to use. For example - if you have ACC[7] coming out of pin 16 on the xilinx, then on your test board, you have to connect the ACC[7] LED to bus pin 7 because our Xilinx connects Xilinx pin 16 to bus pin 7.

3. As stated in 1, there are no G or I bus pins. So if you are going to use our Xilinx edge connector board, you cannot use Xilinx pins 50 or 52 - the original lab handout said that these Xilinx pins will be connected to G and I, but it seems to be an impossiblity. We did not route Xilinx pins 50 or 52 anywhere - so you can't use them.

4. Shiv posted pinouts for two TA boards labeled board #1 and board #2. These boards are for those of you who don't have a 3195 xilinx AND your test board is not working. In the case that your test board doesn't work, you will have to synthesize and use the pinouts Shiv posted, then you can test your design on our TA boards which have accumulator lights, clock, reset, and the xilinx. Note that these two test boards do not use the edge connector, so all that matters is that you use the same Xilinx pinouts that Shiv specified in his post.