Because nobody answered my post so I'll post it again! Error] Illegal port map

Posted by Irrelevant , May 05,1999,14:27 Post Reply  Forum

It appears that the simulator no longer likes my AND2B1 gates.
When I compile the ADSUB8 and M2_1, both of which contain And2B1 gates, I get the following error message:

76: port map(
[Error] Illegal port map: component AND2B1 does not have ports

When I click on the error the file says it expects ports from the And gate. The And2b1.vhd file I have doesn't have the usual port information in the other AND and OR gates.

Do I need another AND2B1 vhd file? Where can I get the original?

I had no trouble compling the addsub8 Monday night, but when I got in Tuesday morning I got this bloody error.

Here's hoping somebody cares.