Re:Isn't this project a bit unfair?

Isn't this project a bit unfair? -- CS
Posted by Chris Myers , May 05,1999,11:32 Post Reply  Forum

I agree this project is a bit unfair, and I appollogize for the mess
up with the Xilinx boards. I'm pretty ticked that Xilinx deprecated
our chips, and I will work this summer to get our chips upgraded so
this will not happen again.

With this in mind, I propose the following compromise. Currently,
25% of the grade is getting your I/O and Memory board to work.
This is not fair to those students without working Xilinx boards
as you mentioned as you don't get a chance to debug your board.
As for the working computer, a thorough simulation will guarantee
that your computer works. The problem appears to be with the I/O
and Memory board when it does not work.

Therefore, you still must attempt a demo with your board, but if this
fails, you may reprogram your pinouts to match the TA board and retry
your demo (to be safe, perhaps you should burn two prom's, one with
your pinout and one with the TAs). If this works, you can still
get full credit (even though your board does not work). However, to
be fair to those people who did the wiring, you still must attempt
to get your board working.

The TA in the lab right now should know the TA board pinouts. Please
ask him to post them on the web board when you see him.