Things were going fine and then:

Posted by Maury Hill , May 03,1999,20:36 Post Reply  Forum

I started getting this error in the Simulator. I have the most current version of the files in project.tar.gz, they are added to my project, and are in the right order in my workspace.

The following message is after classio & useful_stuff compile without error. It seems that I have gotten this before, but I don't recall how I got around it.

Has anyone seen or fixed this?


48: use IEEE.std_logic_unsigned.all;
[Error] STD_LOGIC_UNSIGNED is not a primary unit of library IEEE
Compiling Entity Declaration EPROM

71: architecture BEHAVIORAL of EPROM is
[Failure] End of compilation: error(s) in design unit EPROM
Compiling Architecture BEHAVIORAL of EPROM

71: architecture BEHAVIORAL of EPROM is
[Failure] Entity declaration EPROM not found in library WORK