More EPROM questions.

Wiring up the socket for EPROM -- DRG
Posted by MD , May 01,1999,18:46 Post Reply  Forum

Another good question was brought up farther down the list. There are 2 A7's listed, which one is A7 and which one is A3?

If A represents the input addresses, why are there 13 input pins compared to 8 output pins?

Is Vdd the same as Vcc, and if not, how to we connect to Vdd?

I was playing around with the EPROM today trying to figure these things out. I connected only the power and ground pins and then tested all of the others with my logic probe. All pins labeled with an A gave me no response except pin 10, which is labeled A0. All pins labeled with a Q gave me a low response except pin 19, labeled Q8. Does this mean anything?

The EPROM pinout says that pin 1 (the programming pin) should be able to be left blank, but if not, tie it high. I tied it high once and it gave me weired results so I undid it. Since that is the programming pin, will that have scrambled any of the data on the EPROM?