What do I do with a bad Xilinx Board?

Posted by Mono , May 01,1999,18:13 Post Reply  Forum

I have one the bad Xilinx boards and it was made clear that if I was in this situation then I could use the T.A.'s board to demo, however, it was not made clear what else I needed to do. More specifically, I am confused on whether I need to to wire a socket for the memory eprom onto my board or if that will be on the TA board. In reference to the memory Eprom, I am also confused about how to wire it up if it goes on my board or what edge connector pins to use if it is on the TA board. The EPROM pinout message posted earlier seems to me to have some problems so I don't know how much to trust it if it is that case that I need to wire up the socket. For instance it says that both pin 3 and 7 serve as A7. There is no A3, which I assume should have been pin 7. If you could explain what is going on in a little more depth it would be a huge help. I'm just about ready to demo but without this information I'm buried.