USING EPROMS 12APR99 0729 -ch

EPROMs (Eraseable Programmable Read Only Memory) are memory chips that can be programmed, erased, and programmed anew hundreds of times. Please use the following guidelines to assist in their proper use.

Erase EPROMs by placing them in the eraser (DSL, 3133MEB, south wall). This device utilizes a UV wavelength suitable to erase the contents of memory cells in 27Cxxx series EPROMs. Place parts on the black bug rug, glass window up, and set timer to 15 minutes.

To read and write EPROMs, use one of the Shooter Programming units, and a program on the adjacent PC called 'shooter':

1) Insert EPROM in the programmer, noting pin orientation, and lock into place. Ensure that the part selector above the EPROM socket matches the part number being used.

2) Log into boxelder.cs using a valid CS account, and connect to the appropriate target directory.

3) Fire up the shooter program (type 'shooter'). As previously stated, there are two programmers. When so prompted, specify unit one or two.
a) Use the SAVE command to save the contents of an EPROM to file. Press the reset button on the programmer, and enter the destination filename when so prompted. The program will also prompt for a two digit hex offset, enter '00', unless otherwise required.

b) Use the PROGRAM command to create new EPROMs. Enter the source filename when prompted. Such files must be in Motorola or Intel hex format (*.mcs or *.ihex, etc). The programmer will detail various operations as it endeavors to program the part. Finally, it will attempt to verify the burn. Hit 'c' (continue) to return to the main menu, or 'x' to exit.

Programmer LEDs may aid in monitoring current device status. Illumination of the red Error LED is typically a bad thing; press reset to attempt to clear. Otherwise consult DSL personnel or a TA for further assistance.

Finally, both programmers can be used simultaneously, by using another virtual terminal on boxelder. Press , where equals F1 thru F6.