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Using the Xilinx Parts

Using the Xilinx parts in Viewdraw is almost exactly the same as using the 7400-series parts in Viewdraw. The only difference is that the exact parts that are available are slightly different and they have different names. This means that you need to get them out of the xc3000 library instead of the devices library. You should be3 familiar with this procedure from Lab 7.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE -- You will have to be extremely careful about which components you use in which part of your design! You will want to put as much of the design as possible onto the Xilinx part to reduce the amount of wiring as much as possible. At the same time, it will not be possible to put all of the circuits on the Xilinx part! For example, the pushbutton for clock, and the 906/907 buffers and LEDs for the data lights will have to be built using other parts from your kits. The part of the circuit that will be implemented on the Xilinx chip must contain only parts from the xc3000 library! These are the only parts that the Xilinx software knows how to map onto the Xilinx array. Note that in addition to simple gates and flip flops, the xc3000 library also includes some parts that look just like 7400-series parts so you can use things that are familiar to you as long as they come out of the xc3000 library! Of course, there are lots of other parts in the xc3000 library that you can use that don't look exactly like the 7400 parts. Look at the Xilinx library handout carefully to find useful macros!

Erik Brunvand
Sat Nov 29 15:21:21 MST 1997