CS 362 - Hardware Fundamentals:
Computer Architecture and Design

Course description

This course is the second in a three quarter sequence which teaches the fundamentals in computer hardware design. In this quarter, the topics include: design and optimization of finite state machines, design using VHDL, performance measures, machine instructions, basic computer organization and design, and controller implementation.

Teaching staff

Instructor: Prof. Chris Myers.
Teaching assistants are: Questions and discussions should use the class newsgroup: class newsgroup



Additional material

Grading Policy

All homework, labs, etc. are assumed to be correctly graded one week after they are handed back to the students. If there are any questions on grading, they must be addressed within one week of recieving a graded assignment. After the one week has lapsed no more questions will be consisdered.

Office Hours

Prof. Myers, in his office (3258 MEB) Brandon and Eric, in room 3153 MEB Tim, in the CadeLab Hao, in the CadeLab

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