ECE/CS 3991
CE Junior Seminar
Fall 2008

Course description

Presentations from faculty and industry representatives to discuss trends in computer engineering, professionalism, ethics, the impact of engineering in global and societal contexts, lifelong learning, and contemporary issues.


Instructor: Dr. Chris Myers


CE major status

Grading Policy

Attendance 50 percent
Report 50 percent


Since the goal of this class is to learn about the computer engineering discipline by listening to invited speakers, it is crucial that you attend the seminars. In order to receive full credit for attendence, you must attend at least 14 of the 15 seminars. Also, since it is rude to the speakers to arrive late or leave early, you will lose half of the credit for the day if you do so.


During this course, you will select one presentation that was particularly interesting to you. You will then read more papers on the subject of this talk and write a detailed report. You may want to contact the speaker to get some ideas about which papers to read. A draft is due in-class on November 25st (IMPORTANT: NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED). You will receive feedback on this draft on December 2nd. You will then be required to turn in the final version in-class on December 9th (AGAIN, NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED).

Your final report should be 4 pages single-spaced and double-column using the IEEE transactions format described here. This page includes both LaTeX and Microsoft Word templates that you can use. For your initial draft, please turn in both a version in this format and another single-column and double-spaced to make it easier to make corrections on the document.

Technical Writing Course

If you have not already taken technical writing, it is strongly encouraged that you do so this semester. This will help not only this course but also your project proposal course (CS/ECE 3992) and senior project course (CS/ECE 4710) which are coming up in the next two semesters. We also strongly recommend that you take Scientific Writing (WRTG 3014) rather than Professional Writing (WRTG 3015) as this will be more useful to you for these courses.

Extra credit

You can receive extra credit by attending another seminar (with prior approval) such as an ECE or SoC distinguished lecture and writing a one page summary of the talk. You cannot though receive credit for more than two such seminars.

Meeting Times

Class Lecture 10:45 - 11:35 Tuesday Dr. Myers MEB 3147

Tentative Talk Schedule


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